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Seatek has been designing and producing high quality engines for many years.


Seatek engines offer an extraordinary power-weight ratio, and a wide range of use with their maximum 3100 rpm. 4 valves per cylinder, 5 holes central injector, twin cam shafts and timing belts.


Seatek has chosen the best materials on the market:

• spheroidal cast iron block and cylinder head
• 7 bearings block side, bolted vertically and orizzontally 2+2
• forged and tempered stainless steel crank shaft
• anodised aluminium alloy for several parts that provide a better resistance to salt water
• built in waste gate valve
• water to water heat exchanger with titanium plates
• stainless steel intercooler
• engine assembled manually with careful accuracy
• 100 % test of all engines with certified power curve